revitalize re‧vi‧tal‧ize [riːˈvaɪtlaɪz] also revitalise verb [transitive]
to make a place, company, economy etc interesting or active again:

• a plan for revitalizing the nation's capital

• The company was struggling to revitalize its sagging retail business.

— revitalization also revitalisation noun [uncountable] :

• the revitalization of New York City's paralyzed economy

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revitalize UK US (UK also revitalise) /ˌriːˈvaɪtəlaɪz/ verb [T]
to make something grow, develop, or become successful again: revitalize an economy/industry/business »

A variety of policy initiatives have been undertaken aimed at revitalizing the economy.

revitalize a city/an area »

Community leaders are working hard to attract new industry and revitalize the downtown area.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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